Flint Public Library has several spaces available for public use. Events hosted in the meeting rooms must be non-profit and open to the public (no private meetings or parties). Before you may use a room for the first time, you must review and submit a signed copy of the Public Meeting Room Use Policy & Agreement. For repeated use of the room, we only require only one signed copy, and will require that the form be filled out in January of each calendar year by the person/group.

  • The Beverly Hospital Meeting Room (otherwise referred to as Meeting Rooms A & B)

This room can be reserved in its entirety (Meeting Rooms A & B) or as separate half-rooms (Meeting Room A or Meeting Room B). A projector and screen are available for use in either the whole room or Meeting Room A. The room in its entirety can seat up to 114 attendees comfortably without tables, and a half-room can seat up to 25-30 attendees comfortably per side without tables.

  • The Vining Family Quiet Study Room

This room is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and cannot be reserved unless permission has been given by the Library Director.

  • The Trustees Meeting Room

This room can be reserved up until 15 minutes before the library’s closing hours of operation (i.e. can be reserved until 7:45PM when closing at 8:00PM and 4:45PM when closing at 5:00PM). The room can seat up to 11 attendees at maximum.


Fill out the form below to request the use of a Flint Public Library Meeting Room. A reply confirming or denying the request will be sent within two (2) business days. To guarantee availability, please book in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: All meeting room requests must comply with our Public Meeting Room Use Policy. Please be sure that 1) your meeting is free and open to the public, and 2) your organization has signed and submitted the Public Meeting Room Use Policy & Agreement (click here to view the Meeting Room Use form and agreement). If your group does not comply with these requirements, you will not be able to access the rest of this form.

Is this meeting free and open to the public?

Has your group signed and submitted the Public Meeting Room Use Policy & Agreement within this calendar year? If not, please complete and submit the agreement to the library before filling out this request form.

Which meeting room would you prefer to use? (Please note that your first choice is not guaranteed)

Is the use of Library equipment needed? Please check all that apply. (NOTE: Bluetooth speakers, a presentation clicker, and adapter kits are also available to borrow at the circulation desk)

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