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Sunday Sept. 25 at 1:30pm.
Come celebrate 125 years of the Flint Public Library! A short urban tour will begin at the Flint Public Library, 1 South Main Street, Middleton to hear a bit about Charles Flint and to view the stunning stained glass windows. Next we will walk to Estey Tavern and learn a bit about the history of this historic landmark. Then it's off to the Tramp House, for an inside look. This is one of few tramp houses which is still standing. We will learn more about the history of the library, then end at the Lura Woodside Watkins Museum, which is next door to the library. The complete tour is about 1/2 mi. in length. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Flint and the Middleton Historical Society. It is part of the Essex Heritage Trails and Sails Events. It is free and open to the public.
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