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On Friday, April 29th at 5pm, we will announce the winner of the teen category on our Facebook page, Instagram, and website. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Amazon. Thank you to the Friends of the Flint for sponsoring this program.

teen poetry submissions


“Into the Sea of Color”

They swam
               Around the beautiful polyps,
               Over the delicate structures,
               Besides the vibrant fish,
               And through the sea of color;

They glided
              Into the deep black caves,
              Besides the coral wall,
              Above a giant clam,
              And through the sea of color;

They dived
              Among the speedy fish,
              Far away from the sharks,
              Onto the backs of turtles,
              And through the sea of color;

They danced
              With the swaying kelp,
              Between two cheerful dolphins,
              Under a massive whale,
              And through the sea of color;

Into the open ocean


“Pearl Earrings”

The silver needle draws near
And a prick
Goes through my ear

A bronze box
Branded with
Blissful girls
Holds two earrings
With giant pearls

My heart skips
But then sinks
For memories of
My mother surface
And my heart
Beats for a purpose

She was always proud
Of me, many years ago
And would bring me to and fro
Earrings! She said 
With a gleam in her eyes
I knew hers were her biggest pride

She’s gone now,
Many years have passed

And now there’s no more
Laughing and cheering

Just simply a girl
With two
Pearl earrings


“Beautiful But Fleeting”

Cotton candy clouds with a blue backsplash
Making you believe you can fly
But don’t get lost
Just watch the silhouette of the trees waltz with the breeze
The birds perform their glorious symphony
Have you seen a flock of birds fly
like synchronized swimmers in the sky?
It makes me want to dive right in
Soon the sun will subside into the sea
But it will come afloat the next day
That joyful feeling won’t fade away

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