The Drawings of Paul Meinerth

February 1st – February 28th

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Artist Statement:

I have been dedicated to capturing some of the architecture and history of buildings lost in Danvers and surrounding towns. Most of my works are in India ink and mixed media. I have been sketching for most of my life and have done many drawings for friends, relatives, and members of the community from art showings.

About the Artist:

Paul Meinerth is a native of Danvers, MA. He attended North Shore Community College for Continuing Education in Photography and Art, as well as Montserrat School of Visual arts for Continuing Education in composition. He has won the Machine Design Ad Gage Award twice, and has received two Editors Choice awards for his poetry. He is a member of the Danvers Art Association, Gallery 62, The American Craft Council, and the Danvers Historical Society.

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