The Paintings and Poetry of Susan Piccole

April 1st – April 30th 

Artist Statement:

Hello, my name is Susan Piccole and I am pleased to share my poetry and paintings with the Middleton community. My poetry is a reflection of family, nature, current events, mental health issues, and survival. I have not taken any formal poetry classes and write as the words come to me. I am a member of the Massachusetts State Poetry Society and belong to a poetry round robin which provides some guidance, but most comes from the heart.

As a child, growing up in the 60’s we had art in school. But if you were not one of those students who was gifted in this area you were ignored and discouraged from attempting to draw. Regardless, I always wanted to be able to draw and in my 50’s when I saw an art exhibit of young artists at the Flint Public Library, I was impressed. I figured that there wasn’t something in the water that allowed so many Middleton youngsters to create such beautiful pictures.  I talked with the art teacher who worked with these children, and I decided that if she could work with and teach children, she could work with me – and low and behold I am able to create paintings and sketches which at least resemble what I am trying to illustrate.

I hope you enjoy the exhibit.

About the Artist:

Susan grew up in Dighton, Massachusetts and has been a Middleton resident for over twenty years. She graduated from Simmons College in 1978 and was employed at the Boston VA Medical Center as a registered nurse for 37 years until her retirement in 2014.

To get in touch with Susan, email her at


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Fairy Magic

I am cloaked in midnight
With diamonds in my hair
I am bathed in sunshine
It is butterflies I wear

I dance among the mushrooms
And float among the trees
My playmates are the damsel flies
Whom I like to tease

My song is that of rivers
And rambling brooks as they go
If you listen carefully
I am the whisper of falling snow

I am the stillness of the meadows
And the shadows in the mist
I am the colors of the rainbow
And am in the dew drops gentle kiss

I am the hopes of the future
And the dreams of the past
I am the fairies’ magic
And the spells that they cast

Save the Bees

No more baby bumblebees
Hive as empty as can be
Flowers wilt upon the vine
Empty glass, no more wine
Neonicotinoids take their toll
Neurologic damage- no control
Climate change, imported disease
Act now to save the bees.

Sweetwater Flower Girl

Sharbat Gula (Sweetwater Flower Girl)
National Geographic Vol 167 June 1985

You have haunted me for years
Your young face stares into the camera
Mysterious eyes, old before their time,
Hold knowledge that I can never know
Dust from journeys layer your skin
Like the sorrows that cover your soul
Your courage is there for all to see
Without words you speak to me
Of death, tears unshed, and tragedy
Of a world where children pay the price
For deadly decisions of faceless strangers
Where hope is hidden beneath the surface
To peek out like your green blouse
Through the tears in your scarf
Which you wrap around yourself like an embrace
There is no promise of an easier life
Sweetwater Flower Girl,
I wish there was more

Jorge and the Dragon

(dedicated to KW)

Green scales glisten in the morning mist
The stink of sulfur stains in the air
The scrabble of claws scratch the stone
Kaleidoscope eyes track ever movement
Waiting to steal his very soul

Flaxen hair shimmers in the rising sun
Golden halo forms over bent head
Gracefully shuffling tarot cards looking toward the future
Whipering words of wisdom on wings of wind
For those ready to listen

Straight back, armor reflecting passage of life
Midnight black hair and soft almond eyes
Ready to face the beast and certain death
Until he recalled the priestess’s words
“Kill the dragon and you destroy yourself.
Learn to live with the beast.”

And he did.

To Gabriela

On the back of a wolf she rode
Warrior queen
Fighting her fear
and doubting
Black hair shining
fingers clutching
Knees clenched
Breath heaving
On the back of a wolf she rode
Finding her voice
and her courage
Gaining wisdom
Eyes gleaming
On the back of the wolf she rode.

Last Cup of Tea

How I miss that cup of tea
As we sat at the table- you and me-
A mist of steam, a faint scent of spice
A warm cozy feeling as we examined life.
We talked about problems, we discussed our men;
How I wish we could do that again.
Rich Earl Grey with oil of bergamot-
Our favorite brew for our afternoon chat.
You are my mother and a true best friend-
I was never prepared for your life to end.
I brought my tea as I sat there that day
Warm cup clasped in my hand as you faded away.
I left you alone as I continued to cry.
Begging an answer to my question of why.
Our last cup of tea was one laced with my tears
Then I received the call, and you were no longer here.
Today as I sip that magical brew
I feel your love and your presence too.
Vapors rising and drifting and then no more,
Joining with memories I’ve tried to store.
How I wish I could have one last cup of tea,
Sitting at the table, just you and me.

Late for School

I brushed my teeth.
I combed my hair.
I even changed my underwear.
I’ve found one sock,
now I’ve found two;
Please help me find my left shoe.

I’ve got my books
I found my pen
Don’t let me be late again
Hurry, hurry
or I’ll be late
I must avoid this dreadful fate

I can’t hear you
What did you say
“Go back to bed,
it’s Saturday!”.

Magic Crystal

He asked for a magic crystal
for his Christmas gift.
He said he wanted to do good,
Fight evil and stop the bad guys.
Santa said
he couldn’t meet the request.
Because it was too much responsibility
for a boy of five.

Storm off Gloucester

I am the fisherman’s only daughter
Shedding tears of fresh seawater
Singing chorus of angry storms
As breakers crash and fears are borne
Ebbing tides leave empty shells
Foggy sky hides glimpse of hell
Gale winds moan a funeral dirge
Dory lost as two worlds converge


I wish that I could spend one more day with my dad
And have the conversations that we never had
I wish he could tell me of his hopes and of his dreams
Of what he thought and felt and of the things that he had seem

As a child, you take for granted the things that parents do
And tend to think the gifts they gave were certainly your due
The sacrifices that they made seemed so easily done
That they were the tiny planets and you the mighty sun

I wish that we could sit closely side by side
And watch the setting sun though your artist’s eyes
Echoes softly painted sky blue pink and radiant gold
Watching as the mysteries of nightfall unfold

I would like to know the person that you kept inside
And maybe by sharing I could keep your dreams alive
I wish I could spend one more day with my dad
And have the conversations that we never had

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