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All of the poems submitted to the children’s category are displayed below. Be sure to read all of them and vote on your favorite at the bottom of the page! Only one vote per category, please. 

On Friday, April 29th at 5pm, we will announce the winner of the children’s category on our Facebook page, Instagram, and website. The winner will receive a $20 gift card to Richardson’s Ice Cream. Thank you to the Friends of the Flint for sponsoring this program.

children’s poetry submissions


“Poppy n’ Pixie”

Hi, my name is Katie.We’re getting 2 goats named Poppy n’ Pixie.Goats are fun, goats are sweet.Goats never get enough to eat.Goats hopI wish they could mop!
At night they sleep.You won’t even hear a peep!



When the wind blows,the chimes chime.When the chimes stop chiming,they are useless and won’t be used again.Just like paper,but paper can be used again.At least you can write on the back,it gives you a second chance to do the right thing.Life doesn’t always give you second chances.

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