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adult poetry submissions


“To Creativity”

I hear the voice of my muse whispering in my ear
Giving words and pictures that only I can hear
Composing melodies and phrasings while I lie in bed
A poem now taking root in the recesses of my head

Descriptions rise like castles in my fading sleep
Emotions slowly gathering like a flock of sheep
Ready to march across a snowy field of white
I must capture them before they fade from sight

Black ink swiftly dances as hastily I go
Capturing echoes of her sweet voice that only I can know
So these words are a partnership between my muse and me
She would remain Anonymous but I call her Creativity


“May the sleepless night”

May the sleepless nightBring you a beam of lightWherein the palm of your handIt touches your heartIn the mid of darknessHope awakensFall is passingWinter is comingBreeze is blowingUpon the skyYou look for starsTo heal those scars.


“Introspect – You are not alone!!”

Why am I looking for
hands to hold,
shoulders to lean,
eyes for compassion,
& voice to console??
In my toughest times,
Why am I alone??

When all my life,
I have been getting along
When all my life,
I have been working for a long
When all my life,
I have done nothing wrong..

In my toughest times,
Why am I depressed??

When all my life
I have been the happy soul
When all my life,
I did achieve most of my goals
When all my life,
I fulfilled all my duties & roles…

In my toughest times,
Why am I giving up??

When all my life,
I struggled and fought
When all my life,
I lost & won
When all my life,
I learned to go on….

In my toughest times
Why can’t I fight??

When all my life,
I know what I did was right..
When all my life,
I learned to thrive..
When all my life,
I defeated every fright..

Thanks to Introspection!
for now I know
In my toughest times,
I am not alone!
for I have myself
No..not a clone!
rather an evolved version of mine
much stronger and spiritually sublime!!!


“Soul of the Universe”

I know I am a girl
You don’t need to remind me a thousand times
per day
I know I am a girl
You don’t need to teach me
when to smile, where to smile, with whom to
I know I am a girl, just a girl
who barely recognize by her fathers name or
husbands name

Don’t you know, she is capable of making an
independent choice?
Don’t you know she is capable of paying her
own price?
Don’t you know, she is not only a princess but
also a warrior
Don’t you know she can repair herself from all
the wounds?

A girl is not only for love,
A girl is not only for care,
A girl is not only for family
Remember, a girl is more than you see
more than you think,
more than you hear

I must dream,
__________To win the independence
I must dream,
__________To defend the hierarchy
I must dream,
__________because I am the daughter of the earth
I must dream,
__________because I had the capability to dream
__________beyond the sky
I must dream,
__________To awake the people from superstition
I must dream,
__________To prove we are impossible
I must dream,
__________We are not for adversity
__________We are the greatest gift of eternity
I must dream,
__________To end the violence
I must dream,
__________To raise my nation

__________She is not a wastepiece,
__________She is a masterpiece
__________Even you bend me down,
__________I am ready to raise my crown


“The Demise of Power”

Oh power, dear power
My heart longed for you
Tears rolled down my cheeks
The very second, I lost you 

Heat, internet, and water left too
Bathrooms became unusable
Children turned inconsolable
Life as I know it, came to a standstill. 

What have I done to deserve this wrath?
Have I not paid my dues on time?
Have I not loved and cherished you?
Still you run away with the storm … every … single … time. 

I called National Grid over a hundred times
Only to be falsely assured of your return every time
I feel scared, lonely, and angry
What if only this time, you never return? 

I solemnly promise to be eternally grateful
Now and forever, I do.
All I want is for you to come home
And brighten my sad dim night, I do. 

Alas, here I am seeking comfort
With your mistress, The Generator
Oh power, dear power
Oh, how I miss you. 


“The Tapping Tree”

Mom said that it was bedtime
So I got ready to go to sleep
Crawled into bed and covered up
With my teddy that I would keep

While dozing off there was a noise
A tapping I did hear
I looked around, saw nothing
No, there was nothing that was near

Once again I tried to rest
And the tapping again came
And it was to my surprise
It was from my from my window pane

So I opened up the window
A branch had made that sound
Hunted for a scissors
Surely there must be one around

Then I went to cut it
Yes, to cut it off
Thought I heard a funny sound
This did make me laugh

“Please don’t!” was uttered from the tree
But we all know trees don’t talk
Once again I tried to rim
Another request just made me gawk

Is that you tree, please answer me
Or soon you will be snipped
It’s getting late, won’t hesitate
I’m really getting ripped

“Yes, it is I. Don’t want to cry
But what you’ll do with pain
I promise to stop tapping
So there will nothing you will gain

What is all this fuss about
You know it’s getting late
“Was just feeling very sad
Because being lonely is my fate”

OK tree, don’t bother me
Tomorrow soon will come
Let me sleep ’til morning
Then we’ll have some fun

Got up extra early
To find my new-found friend
Wanted to keep my promise
Tried hard not to offend

“Yes, you kept your promise
It’s me, I’m over here
Please just wait a minute
When the wind blows I’ll be there”

I see you, you are close enough
Tell me how is it you speak?

“Look in your heart and in your mind
For the answers that you seek”

And how can you be so lonely
Other trees are so close by
You could see so many friends
All you have to do is try

The wind, the rain, the sun and sky
Are here for you as well
That story’s true and honest
An easy one to tell

Rejoice in the morning dew
Embrace what does surround
Be thankful for your blessings
Then your contentment can be found

I heard the tree give out a sigh
It said it never knew
It didn’t know what it was thinking
Its thoughts were so askew

“I’ve never, ever realized
There’s love and friendship everywhere
I just don’t know how to thank you
For making me aware.”

I said to the tree don’t thank me
It was an easy message to send
You can now tap any time you like
‘Cause you’ll always be my friend

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