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Bumpy Dirt Road

Some people take the easy way, the highway
Others go on the harder backroads.
Very few, though, take those bumpy dirt roads in the middle of nowhere.
It may be a hard journey on that road,
but it has great views,
And in the end, you will be looking out to one of the most beautiful things.
At the end of the road, you look through the trees
to find what you worked for…
That road was a hard one,
but you realize in the end, it was worth it.
You didn’t choose to take the easy highway or even those average backroads.
You took the challenge,
the bumpy, dirt road.
You had regrets riding down it.
In the end, though, it was worth it.


Limerick Poem

There once was a man who played basketball
With a clever move he makes most everyone fall
When he shoots the ball it’s a guaranteed swish
“I want him on my team.” they wish




The Worker Elves

There’s a pair of elves who finish your work
Their names are Lewis and Clerk
They do your homework and papers too
So you are never overdue
They ride the cat to work and back
And never seem to lose their knack
Lewis fixes all your toys
Clerk makes strings of paper boys
Both have fun while doing so
But are careful to go nice and slow
Careful not to break a thing
Or there would be great punishing
Elves choose to work, or be free
Deciding how happy they want to be




The Text

I love you too much
During every point of my day.
And you can tell it was the way
It was all meant to be.
It is not a worry to people, who don’t have
to be a little girl
Feeling like the only person in the world.


Haiku Poem: Beach

My feet in warm sand
Swimming in cold, clear water
Sunbathing all day


Fun place to read, explore and learn
Librarians are kind, helpful and the best they can be
Interesting books and places to see
New computer and book to entertain kids
Tons of comfortable places to read

Learn lots about Middleton’s history
Is a great place to meet people
Be prepared to have the best time ever
Rooms filled with knowledge, waiting to be shared
Always has fun activities to do
Really lucky to have such a great library
You are never bored at the Flint library



it’s cozy like a warm mug of hot chocolate.
It’s a blanket on a cold day,
a helping hand when your in trouble.
it’s where your heart lives.



“I Love You”



Roses are red, violets are blue
I love you
You can give me a gift
Or you can buy me tickets to see Taylor Swift




Books are everywhere
so quiet I hear nothing
home away from home


Books that tell stories
Books that help and inspire me
All books I can read


Find a comfy chair
All my worries disappear
A new world awaits



All my life I’ve been told
To be who I am, to be bold.
But is that really what they mean?
The people who tell me when to eat and when to sleep?

I was always taught to be polite,
So when I see something that isn’t right,
Am I supposed to simply take flight?
They tell me to just hold tight,
But my head begs for a fight.

So my head has retreated to the clouds,
Where it can think without being shut down
There it waits, scared and alone
For someone to call it back home.




The moon goes down in the morning, lie down, lie down, it’s only 3:50 in the morning.

The sun goes up in the morning, get up, get up, in the morning.

The sun hides behind the clouds in the morning, get up, get up, it’s time for school.

The sun is in the window in the morning, get up, get up, you’re slouching.

(the very next day)

The sun is shining brightly in the morning, get up, get up, it’s time for school.